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It really does not matter if you are moving out for the first time from your parents home, or if you are moving into a new home you have just purchased, you’ll need to notify certain entities about your move. Even in this electronic age of e-mail, it is still vitally important that you notify certain entities about your change in physical residence.

One of the best ways to facilitate this operation is to use what are commonly called we’ve moved address labels. These alert the recipient that you have in fact changed residences, so that they can update your contact details.

When starting your campaign, the best place that you can possibly start is right in your own address book. Your address book is where you should find the people that you have the most contact with, so you should start there in preparing your change of address notifications.

There are other entities however that you may not think of while in the early part of the notification process. Your address book should cover those individuals that you have regular contact with, but there are other important contacts that you must make a wear all of your change in residence. Some of these are not contacts that you would think of right off the top of your head, so here is a listing of some of the most frequently forgotten entities during a change of residence notification campaign.

The Accountant: You certainly do not want to forget your accountant, since he is connected to your financial well being.

The Attorney: If you have an attorney then you’ll certainly want to let the law office in on your impending change of residence. This is particularly important if you have any outstanding legal business.

Credit Cards: Each and every one of your credit card companies will need to be notified of your move. I know that you do not look forward to the bills each month however you certainly do not want to start missing payments because of a failure to update your information.

Church: If you are a member of the church, you may want to let them know your address has changed so that you can remain on their mailing list.

Physicians: Don’t forget to send your doctor and dentist, chiropractor and a massage therapist one also.

Periodicals: Do you subscribe to any magazines or newspapers? If you expect to still receive them after the move then you’ll want to notify them.

The Social Security Administration: This one is a biggie. You certainly want to let the SSA as well as any other governmental agencies know of your move. It is vitally important that you keep all your government records updated with your current place of residence.

Voter Registration: Voter registration is often overlooked because it is not something that is used everyday or in fact very often. That does not mean that it is unimportant, on the contrary if you intend to know you need to keep your voter registration information current so that there will be no discrepancies when you go to the voting polls.

The Post Office: If you forget to notify the post office of your forwarding address, then you may miss out on important mail.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are moving, as well as a lot of things that you must remember in order to make a smooth transition to another residence. By mounting a thoughtful and thorough “we’ve moved address label” campaign you can assure that no one gets left behind.

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