Imagine sending a postcard, letter, card or package to a friend or loved one with your picture on the stamp? Well, you can..

Using, you can have photo stamps created on your home computer to be used anytime and sent anywhere.

Photo Stamps

Isn’t technology grand!

You can send a picture of your kids; your favorite NFL logo; or any picture you desire.

All you need is a digital camera and a computer. In order to personalize yours, all you need to do is follow three simple steps: upload your photos; customize them, and send the order in. How easy is that? In fact, the fun part of making your own is being able to use ten different border colors to match your photo.

Personalized Photo StampsPerhaps you have wedding announcements to mail; birthday invitations; shower invitations; or you simply want to show off your new home or car. Anything you choose can be easily transformed into these. Perhaps you’ve started a new home business; your logo would be a unique way to attract attention.

Moreover, the cost is minimal. For example; at you are given 20 per sheet. Here is the cost breakdown at the time of writing: one sheet of 39 cent stamps is $21.99; one sheet of 24 cent is $18.99; one sheet of priority mail is $101.99. The more sheets you order, the cost is reduced. This is a great savings for mass mailings.

The sizesThe sizes of these are 1.9″x1.4″ and the picture is 1.1″x1.1″. If you have a business, and considering sending out a massive mailing, you can obtain a roll which consists of 10,000. Once you order yours, you will receive them in three to five business days using normal mail; and one to two business days for rush delivery.

picture on the stampDo you have birth announcements to send out? Upload your baby’s picture and produce them with his or her picture on it! The beauty of these is that the picture is not in any way hidden by the price. That detail is off to the side, so that the entire picture can be seen by all of your friends and loved ones.

Do you need to send out thank you notes? What a lovely way to express your thanks by including these. Undoubtedly, anyone who receives these will save them as keepsakes. also offers their own collections, from logos of your favorite football team; college logos; NASCAR logos; and a stunning collection from Anne Geddes. Let’s face it; you buy beautiful cards to send out during the holidays or for special occasions, right? Why not extend the sentiment by using photo stamps as well?