If you have not tried out the Click-N-Ship program to print USPS postage and send your mail and packages out, you are likely spending too much time in line at the post office. While the place can be nice, with friendly clerks who you know by name, do you really want to have to wait in line?

Some days, when you have a little time to kill, it may be alright to take that trip and wait until you make your way to the counter. For those days when you have other things to do and places to be, this could be major waste of your time.

If you spend 5, 10 or even 15 minutes in there during your lunch break, think of what else you could have been doing. Maybe you could even enjoy your lunch instead of having it as quickly as possible so you can get to there and make it back to work in time.

Now, you can enjoy your lunch and print out labels whenever you need to, from your computer.

On their website, they now offer what they call the Click-N-Ship program. It is just what it says it is, a way where you can click on what you need and be instantly given the postage to ship the items you need to send out.

Stamps.com lets you do it yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to manage your mailing needs. All it takes is a PC and a scale to print USPS-approved postage for envelopes, packages, and even Priority Mail right from home or office. You may never have to go out unnecessarily again.

For those who run businesses from their home or sell of a lot of items on eBay, this is an invaluable service. Instead of having to lug all those boxes and shuffle them along in the line, you can weigh and print all the postage out at home and drop the boxes off, in the drop bin, at your leisure.

Many people who are shipping merchandise thought the mail want to make sure they know it is going to get there. With the Click-N-Ship program you can get more, you can also set up a delivery confirmation form so you know when the package arrives at it’s destination.

For those who do a lot of shipping, there is even one more bonus. It comes in the form of a saving of money that you will get by using this method of shipping. They would like more people to switch to the online method, instead of going to the post office. The desire makes sense, as the fewer people go in person, the fewer personnel they need to have working the counters to deal with all those customers. It’s a money saver for them. In return, they are trying to make purchasing online a money saver for consumers, by reducing rates for services.

Using the Click-N-Ship service there can be a savings on the regular postage you purchase, and the delivery confirmation is free. That’s a service you pay $.45 for normally. If you ship a lot of packages, do the math. that’s a lot of money back in your pocket.

When you’re ready to take your shipping to the next level, get a scale, get online, and print out your own USPS postage with the Click-N-Ship program.

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