In today’s busy world it can be difficult to find time to go to the Post Office and purchase postage stamps. The internet has made life easier for almost everything, including stamps! You can now do it online at This article will discuss the benefits of printing USPS-approved postage off of internet sites like

1. The Post Office always has long lines and it can be a hassle having to wait. Doing it all from the internet allows you to avoid driving there and then having to wait for the long lines. You can also print off your own shipping labels and avoid having to wait for that as well!

2. You are able to get stamps and shipping labels for all USPS Services and FedEx Shipping! You have the ability to choose from all USPS services like First Class, Priority Mail, and Express Mail. Also, save money on FedEx Ground and Express.

3. Saving money is a huge benefit. On you can get a 10% discount on shipping, 5-8% off USPS retail rates, 11% off Priority Mail and 3% off Express Mail. Also, with FedEx you can save up to 15% on Ground rates and 21% on Express rates. All of this adds up to huge savings for you!

4. With all of the savings you can also earn and 4-week trials when you become a new member at This is even more value added on to the already low prices!

5. One thing that is cool is you are able to design your own logos to use. You can go on to their website and customize your own logo that you can put onto your stamps. This is especially good for businesses as it gives them a more professional look.

6. Finally, when you first join you receive a 4-week trial of their program. Even if you are unsure if it is for you it is worth trying it out through the 4-week trial. If at the end of the trial you do not like it you can quit, otherwise you have the program and are good to go!

There are many benefits and the main ones have been listed in this article. Getting USPS online postage is easy and cheap when you use The benefits are huge; the only thing you have left to do is sign-up.

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