There are several web sites on the internet where you can buy photo stamps. When buying, it is important to compare pricing, including shipping and quality. Many sites offer lower pricing but the quality is not a good as a site offering a slightly higher price tag. Many of the web sites have simple to use integrated online editing tools for zoom, move, cropping, red eye reduction and adjusting the brightness and contrast of your photo. Several of the sites also offer many colors for the border, allowing you to choose the color that complements your photo choice the best.

The number one web site on the internet is On your first visit there will be a link to get started creating yours. Once you click on the link you will be prompted to upload your photo that you have chosen by browsing by file name. Once you have selected your file, it will begin to upload to the server. Once the file has finished uploading it will automatically be redirected to the simple integrated online editing page and the photo file you choose will appear allowing you to start zooming in, moving, rotating and picking your border colors. has eleven different border colors to choose from: black, white, dark blue, red, light blue, orange, dark gray, yellow, green, violet and pink. You will also be able to choose the postage rate and you will also be able to see the pricing per sheet. versions are printed on a single sheet of 20. You can purchase one sheet or a thousand. Pricing depends on the amount of sheets you purchase. Once you have finished editing and choose your postage rate, you will click on the continue link to move on. You will then be redirected to your shopping cart to make sure you have the correct postage you will require and to select you quantity of sheets. When you click on the continue link, you will prompted to either sign in to your account or to create a new account. You will then have to verify that your shipping address is correct and then you click on the ship to this address link. You will then choose your shipping rate. offers standard shipping rate with a four to seven business days turn around for $2.99 and an expedited rate with a two to three business day turn around for $9.99 and a rush delivery rate with a one to two business day turn around for $19.99. Once you have chosen your shipping rate, you will move on the final checkout stage and enter your credit card information. accepts the four major credit cards; AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER. You will then need to verify your order. Take this opportunity to make sure the photo is correct.

Once you have verified that your order is correct, you need to finalize your order. Now that your order is complete, you just have to wait until you get your photo stamps. You can use yours on you letters, postcards, invitations, announcements and packages.