Photo postage stamps have taken advantage of the digital revolution by allowing users to create ones that feature any picture they desire. The United States Postal Service has licensed a number of companies to produce these for them and some will allow users to upload pictures to their service which can then be used on the image portion of the stamp. In order to take full advantage of this, it is necessary to choose the proper photograph. FREE Preview of Your Picture on Real US Postage!

A good picture is one that is fairly simple and devoid of fine detail. The reason for this requirement is to make sure that the image you choose will still look good when shrunk down in size. Close ups of people, pets, well known structures or landmarks make great ones, whereas crowded groups and/or excessively busy images with an enormous amount of detail are not the best candidates.

To print, you must use a company that is licensed by the USPS to distribute them. One such company is

If you are using yours for only personal use (in other words, you are not using them for a business purpose) be sure to include a picture that matches the occasion. One popular use is to send holiday greeting cards. Including an image of something seasonal is a great way to add your own personal touch to your holiday correspondence. If sending birth announcements, it is a good idea to include a picture of the newborn.

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It is possible to either print your own photo postage stamps (using software supplied by the vendor) or to have them sent to your house. If you choose to print your own, make sure that your printer can handle the fine detail. Also make sure that the complete stamp prints–the postal service will not deliver your letter if yours do not contain the electronic identification tag that must be present on all postage.

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