Custom photo stamps – What was once considered to be a short lived fad has become the poster child of the marriage of technology with traditional commerce. The digital revolution has forever changed the way that we do business transactions that once could only be undertaken by mail order (slow) or by searching for local businesses (slower and less convenient) can now be undertaken at the click of a mouse. Anything that you are looking for, from the classic to the quirky to the truly rare, can be bought and sold online.

” To print these, you must use a company that is licensed by the United States Postal Service to distribute them. One such company is

The digital revolution has changed much more than simple commerce. The cost of hosting and transmitting data has decreased astronomically in recent years and it is now possible for anyone, on any budget, to share information over the internet.

Far flung families can keep up with each other by publishing online journals, photographs, and simply sending email with each other to stay in touch. Special interest groups can find adherents in even the most remote communities, and businesses that have a distributed work force can use the power of the digital age to create a virtual office that spans time zones and even continents. FREE Preview of Your Picture on Real US Postage!

It seems that the one area of life that has not been touched by the digital revolution is the good old USPS. Stamps are still something that you have to go and buy, right? Wrong. The digital revolution has made it possible for anyone to create their own that can be used to mail packages legally.

These are created by special companies that have permission to create and distribute them. The customer simply submits their digital image to the company and can then either print them or have them shipped to their residence or place of business.

photo stamps

It’s really possible to have your face, or in fact anyone’s face, even a pet’s face if you like put on real useable postage. The possibilities are absolutely endless. You can use wedding photo’s perhaps, pictures of your parents to celebrate a wedding anniversary. The fact you can now do this has opened up an avenue of new ideas in buying gifts.

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