With the convenience of online postage, the need to make a trip to the post office has decreased. To this end, this would be a good time to offer a review of postal scales so that if you do decide to sign up with one of the many online sites, you can make an informed decision as to the best type to choose.

One of the most popular choices is Stamps.com in which you not only have the ability to do it from your home, but receive a five-pound scale (Requires Sign-Up and S&H Fee) as well. The digital scale they offer is great for home businesses in which direct mailing is utilized.

However, for larger packages up to 20 pounds, you can purchase a USPS model that can be used for any purpose. This includes an AC adapter, has a LCD display, and a large 5×5 platform which is excellent for extra large letters as well as mailing tubes. This is priced at approximately $50.00.

The third is similar to the 20-pound USPS model. The only difference is that it can weigh up to 10 pounds. Other than that, it has all of the same features and is also useful for home-based businesses as well. It is affordable priced at $39.95.

Stamps.com lets you do it yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to manage your mailing needs. All it takes is a PC and a scale to print USPS-approved postage for envelopes, packages, and even Priority Mail right from home or office. You may never have to go out unnecessarily again.

Of course, there are models that can weigh up to 50, 75, and 150 pounds as well, but the bottom line in determining what type you need depends on your business. For home use, the 5-pound would be sufficient. However, if you send out packages from your eBay sales, you may require a heavy duty one to ensure the postage is always correct.

The 150 pound, for example, would be great to use during the Christmas holidays since you will most likely send packages to family members here and abroad. Priced at approximately $40.00, this particular one has a stainless steel platform and is designed for large and heavy packages. It features a remote display that is attached by a wire to the scale itself. Imagine not having to wait on long lines during the holidays! By utilizing this, you can weigh the packages, print out the label, and call for pick-up.

Having one can save time and money; and in today’s economy, one cannot afford to place extra stamps on large envelopes or packages because there is no way to determine the weight. Moreover, having this ensures that the proper amount is affixed, the package is sent, and it is not returned for insufficient amounts.

This review of postal scales is just the tip of the iceberg. You can check online to find your choice as there are many online companies and sites to choose from. Oftentimes we say that computers can be both a joy and a royal pain; but when it comes to these to determine the correct weight, there is nothing that is more beneficial than this.

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