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These make it easier to do business. When someone who receives your envelope sees your address, they can easily send you a reply or even remit their payment to you through the mail.

This is making it easier for them to pay you and the successful business owner will have plenty in stock for almost every occasion. There are a wide variety with peel and stick being the most widely acclaimed.

They also allow for the postal mailing system to send you your return mail in the event that your customer doesn’t live at the address due to a move or due to some inaccuracy in the system. When sending out postcards to your customers, you should always use them. This will quickly and easily identify you as the sender and will recall to their mind before opening what relationship they enjoy with you.

Some of the most effective uses are when you mail an offer to a list of pre-qualified buyers in your targeted niche market and make a call to action for them to send you money to the address that you have provided. In this case, you could even supply an extra within the envelope with the content for easier customer use instead of just on the outside of the envelope.

These come in all sorts of colors, styles, occasions, shapes and forms. It is best to avoid being too artsy for business and that can be confusing to read and hurt conversions in sales, but using good, solid and basic colors are perfectly acceptable.

They can be purchased relatively cheaply and can really be an added value to your business by increasing your perceived professionalism and even by having your name in front of the customers’ eyes even more than otherwise. Of course the added convenience of having the address already provided to the customer really makes it easier for them to send you money to the return address that you provided on the label and that means that the easier you make it for them to give you money, the more sales conversions that you are going to enjoy as a result of using these on your envelopes that contain your address for easiest reply.

The bottom line for your business is that if you’re not currently using return address labels, then you really need to pick some up. Because you will be buying them in bulk, in won’t take long before you see the added value that they provide your business and pay for themselves as a result. The ease of use along with the higher visibility in the sight of your customers combined with their convenience really makes getting them as they say in marketing a “no-brainer” for your business. You should at least split-test conversions and see how having them increases sales versus when you were not using them yet.

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