One of the most technological pieces of software to ever hit the market is from If you have received their 4-week trial software in the mail, it behooves you to take the time to check it out. It’s implementations in the ability to print postage is quite extraordinary. If you have a work-at-home business, or simply cannot make those daily trips to the post office, this software not only saves time, but money as well. More importantly, this can be a life saver for those who are house-bound or disabled and have difficulty getting to the post office.

Let’s explore to see why it has become the most popular method today. To begin with, it allows you to print directly from your computer and printer.

By simply opening an account, the amount used is deducted without incurring any surcharges. In addition you can also print labels for packages being shipped via priority mail. They also offer delivery confirmation on these shipments as well. Send certified mail and return receipt without USPS forms.

You will also be able to check the delivery status of your package with one click. Best of all; you’ll never put too much or too little on your envelopes or packages, and that’s a real money saver..

The software also allows you to conduct batch mailing. This is especially important if you are sending out brochures or newsletters to your clients. You will also be able to track your spending. If this is incentive enough to join, here is more information that may tickle your fancy!

With, you can create your own photo stamps! Imagine sending out pictures of your kids on them, especially during the holiday season, birthdays, or any occasion. By simply uploading a photo and customizing it using their software, you can instantly have your picture or that of your loved ones on official US postage! What greater pleasure can await the grandparents, friends, and family members than to receive a card or letter with their favorite grandchild, niece or nephew on the stamp?

The cost of for these depends on the postage value and the number of sheets you order. Each sheet contains 20, and the minimum order is one sheet. Shipment of these usually takes three to five business days. But it’s well worth the wait!

Let’s face it; how many times have you run out. With and, you’ll never have to worry about correct postage again. It is a revolutionary way in which to mail important documents; air mail letters or packages; and the best part is you’ll never have to go to the post office again!

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