What was once considered an air mail envelope is now called First Class International. The recent changes in postal regulations may have you a bit leery about designating your own cost using a store-bought scale.

No wonder! Placing stamps on regular and large-sized envelopes is not as easy as it used to be. Perhaps now is the time to finally use the postage software that you have been receiving in the mail.

To illustrate how complicated mailing a letter has become, here are the official rates along with the dimensions for mailing a simple first class letter. The height minimum is 3-1/2 inches with a maximum of 6-1/8 inches. The length is 5 inches with a maximum of 11-1/2 inches, and the thickness is 0.0007 inches with a maximum of ¼ inches. Confused yet? Well, not to worry. Even though the standard is now 41 cents in the US, you do have other options that buying stamps at your local office and determining if your letter is properly sized and weighed.

As mentioned earlier, you may have received a CD in the mail from Stamps.com that is labeled as the “desktop post office.” This easy to use CD will not only save you time, but minimize the effort in ascertaining if your letter or parcel meets regulations. Offering a 4-week trial, you may want to utilize the services of Stamps.com in an effort process your mail without any concern that it may be returned for insufficient postage or because of the size.

With Stamps.com, you will receive postage, a digital scale (Requires Sign-Up and S&H Fee), and a supply kit. You will then be able to post any piece of mail and send it in any form you choose, whether it’s certified mail, priority mail, or first class international mail. In addition, with the software, you can incorporate your address list from your word documents and print address labels easily and affordably. This will allow you to print directly onto your first class letter and, for larger packages, onto labels.

In addition to these features, you will be able to hide the value if you choose; add free delivery confirmation to priority mail packages, and check the delivery status as well. According to Stamps.com, you will be saving an average of 80% over the cost of a meter, and will always have correct postage on your letters, postcards, and parcels.

Undoubtedly, you are aware that most international mail must be in the form of the standard sized letter envelope. This was clearly evidenced when a small thank you card was sent to Australia and returned. If you wish to prevent this from happening, it would be more than advantageous to use the software so that all of your mail will be received by friends, loved ones, and associates here and abroad. Next time you receive the Stamps.com postage software, try the 4-week trial. See for yourself if it isn’t worth it!

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