Many people don’t realize that you can make your own postal stamp, and that the custom stamps you make will be perfectly legitimate to use when mailing letters, post cards, invitations or packages. The most popular type is the photo stamp. Everyone loves seeing their own face on an envelope — I don’t care who you are, the first time you see your face staring back, you will feel like royalty!

Those by have a million uses and are only limited by your creativity.

They come in different rates, ranging from the standard $.39 to the $.24. You can also make larger postage rates, which can be used for mailing packages, although these are not nearly as popular at the present time as the standard $.39 ones.

As mentioned, many people have a tough time believing that these are “real” and can be legally used to mail any letter within the United States. So if you create one for someone as a gift, be sure to let them know that they can actually use them to mail regular letters.

The most common type are photo stamps. These allow you to use any personal photo. You could use a picture of yourself, or a family pet, or a new baby, or even a holiday greeting. The choice is yours, and your options are almost endless. Just use your creativity and you are sure to find lots of uses for those that you make yourself.

The process of making your own is actually very easy. It’s similar to ordering personal address labels. In fact, you can think of it as being roughly the same concept, except of course that these “labels” can actually be used to mail letters.

” To print them you must use a company that is licensed by the United States Postal Service to distribute these. One such company is

There are several different companies online that offer this service in cooperation with the USPS. Whichever company you choose, be sure that they are authorized by the USPS. This is important because there are still a few companies online that create “novelty” ones, which cannot be used to mail letters.

To ensure that the company you choose is authorized, just look for the colorful USPS logo on their web site. This will ensure that you’re getting “real” postage that can be used just as you would any other postage.

The second step is to upload an image or photos to use from your computer. If you would like to use a personal picture, you will need to have it available on your computer in a digital format. This is usually not a problem these days, as digital cameras have become so common, and uploading a photo to your computer is normally as easy as attaching a cable.

Once you have the photo on your computer, you may wish to edit it or crop it before it is used. Software such as Photoshop is perfect for this, but you can also find cheaper — or even free — solutions that will perform many of the same editing tasks.

Finally, you’re ready to upload your photo to the web site. This is normally a very straightforward affair, and only requires you to locate the digital picture file on your computer and then hit enter. Once it is successfully uploaded to the web site, you will be presented with a series of alternatives for how it should be used. Let your creativity go wild at this point, and create something that is uniquely “you.” You will find as you make your own postal stamp that it is great fun for the entire family, and you will enjoy using yours for months afterward.

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