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Undoubtedly, if you have made a donation to a charity in your state or other well known charities such as the Diabetes Foundation or American Cancer Society, you may be receiving free personalized address labels.

If you research the hundreds of sites online that offer kids address labels, you may be a bit startled at the prices they are asking for sheets. Upon researching the many sites available, 180 can run as much as $10.95 and up plus shipping. Other sites offer discounts for the same amount and can range in cost from $5.99 and up.

However, looking at the quality, one site seems to have it all. Addresslabels4u.com offers a large variety at the rate of $10.95 for 180 labels and $19.95 for 360 labels. This particular site has beautiful ones and you can either use them as message labels or return address labels. Either way, you are allowed four lines of text. The variety is endless, from cartoons to animals to flowers and monograms.

If you prefer, however, you can make your own. If you have the software such as Print Shop or MS Word, your kids can easily create their own at home. Purchase a box of Avery labels at your local office supply store, choose the software, and you’re set to go!

In addition, if yours are proficient in the use of computers (which they probably are), they can create their own online and print them out anytime they wish. They can make bordered, pictured, monogram labels, or whatever they choose. In fact, the process is both fun and educational as well.

While we are on the subject, there is a need to have stick-on labels for use on your kids’ clothing, book bags, and items they take to school on a daily basis. This serves to protect your kids’ property. More importantly, if you have smaller children, having some form of identification visible inside their clothing can be crucial if they become lost at a mall or supermarket.

In the mean time, you can certainly check out all of the websites that offer these, as well as stick ons as well. But if you and your kids really want to have a great time, buy a box and let them create their own!

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