It seems that everyone wants to print photo stamps these days. Long gone are the days when consumers waited eagerly for the next edition Elvis Presley stamp or waited for one that featured their favorite cartoon character or pop culture icon. Today it is possible to use the miracle of technology to design, create, and print uour own. Try today..

These are legally valid and can be affixed to your letters and correspondence. There are actually a number of reasons why it can be better to do it yourself instead of using pre printed standard postal service ones.

To begin, you must use a company that is licensed by the United States Postal Service to distribute them. One such company is

These companies utilize a technology known as PC Postage, which is a system that allows the postal service to verify all of them via the use of a bar code that is printed alongside every single stamp.

By learning to do this, you can save yourself the frustration and hassle of driving half way across town to the post office only to find that you were not the first person in town to have the idea. After waiting in line for twenty minutes or more and then driving back home or to the office, the small difference in price between purchasing standard and printing your own seems small indeed. Add to that the satisfaction you can have every time that you send a piece of mail that contains your own and it seems that this is the best way to go.

Learning to print photo stamps takes only a few minutes, costs only a little bit more, and is well worth the marginal time and resource requirements. Add to that great customer service from our recommended supplier.. then you can’t go wrong.

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