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Everyone enjoys getting something free, including these. Each year, around the holidays, different companies send them out to prospective customers, hoping it will entice them into purchasing their products.

Sometimes, their products are completely different and the labels are just included as a free gift. Other times, however, they are what this particular company sells.

You may wonder how they knew your name and address. They are able to get your name off a customer database with thousands of people’s names. The initial group of address labels, usually one full sheet, is free with the option to purchase more.

Many times, the individual receiving them keeps and uses them but doesn’t make any purchases. However, many people enjoy them so much that they make a purchase from the company, whether it’s more of these or some other product they sell.

I remember many years ago when I received my first sheet in the mail. It was from some company selling this sort of thing, specialty envelopes, note cards, etc. I was so thrilled to see my name and address on these. Young and naive as I was at that time, I immediately decided that a company that took the time to find out what my details were really deserved my business. So, I placed a rather large order for more, personalized pencils and a variety of small miscellaneous items I did not need!

Often it is charities that are selling these as a way to alert the customer’s of their need for donations for research, etc. These ones are made very cheaply, but sold at a higher price with all profits going towards a certain disease charity or organization.

There are many other opportunities to receive ones other than what you get in the mail. With the rising use of computers and the internet, many companies also offer them. Some companies offer you these at no cost except for the cost of the shipping.

Any time we hear the words “free” we get all excited, often not taking the time to see if the “extra fees” like shipping and handling are high enough where we’re actually paying for the labels without realizing it.

If you’re computer literate, you’ve probably seen many ways to make your own. Office supply and computer software stores sell blanks for those wishing to design and make their own.

Most computers come with some sort of program that allows you to print them on your printer. You can also purchase software to make some. You install it on your computer and it’s always there when you’re ready to make more. Many people customize their own with graphics, clip art or personal photos. This gives a real personal touch to their free address labels.

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