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Customer Postcards are a simple and yet remarkably effective way that billions of dollars were made last year alone. The industry is as alive today as ever before and will continue to be one of the most lucrative ways of adding extra income to any existing business or prove to be a profitable venture for those starting one.

The reason that these are so successful is that they are delivered to prospects who have been chosen based on expressing an interest in the target market before ever receiving it. This way it is a targeted lead and the customer is more likely to buy than if it were a cold call. The best strategy, of course, is for serious businesses to buy in bulk and then have a direct mailing campaign.

To hire a company to create the adcopy based upon the current business offerings of the business and have that placed on the cards in the most compelling manner as to increase sales conversions to their maximum. After sending one thousand, the number of sales can be used to get an accurate read on how well they are converting. That will be ten times one hundred which can be used for the percentage of conversions as conversions are measured in percentages. Even if one customer out of 100 made a purchase, as long as the profits from the sale outweighed the costs themselves, then it has proven to be a most profitable venture.

The business will have them made and then use return address labels so that the customer can send in the moneyorder, check or fill out the creditcard information to make the purchase. The actual sales will depend upon the customer and the adcopy. There are a variety of variables that can influence the effectiveness of any one particular campaign, but most of the time, after a thousand, the business can get a good feel for how many it will be over the course of say, 100,000 and know what kind of profits to project when counting the costs and considering doing a full direct mail campaign for the first time.

These are relatively easy to maintain as they are compact and can be bulk organized. They can all be sent out from one location and arrive at each location simultaneously which can play a great role in the kind of response one can expect.

Now, response time will vary from customer to customer, but because they are being received at the same time, it will mean a far greater likelihood that the responses will be in a reasonably close proximity of range within one another.

This is another benefit of business customer postcards because it means that the campaign can be more easily tracked than say a billboard, bus bench or some other form of advertising.

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