These days, no one really has the time (or the energy) to make a run to the Post Office every time they need stamps or a have a parcel to mail. First, you have to locate your car keys, and then get in the car and deal with traffic. Finally, upon arriving, you normally have to stand around; waiting in line until you are finally able to purchase your stamps or post your package. Then it’s right back into traffic, as you hurry to get home without wasting any more time than necessary.

The whole process is time consuming and inefficient, and frankly, who has that kind of time in the rush of modern life? A far better option is to simply become familiar with the process of buying and printing your own postage online, saving both time and money.

For the home business, it is practically a “must.” Running an efficient business from your home requires proper time management, and the process of going out to mail packages or buy stamps can easily ruin the “flow” of your business day and take up 30 to 60 minutes; which you could have been spending building you business, securing sales or doing the books.

And for individuals interested in sending large quantities of mail, the Internet is a God-send, offering the opportunity to purchase in quantity.

You must first visit a website that allows users to do it on their own computer, one such site is Normally, there is a reasonable monthly fee to use such a service, but the convenience and potential cost savings will usually make this service well worth the expense.

Another benefit is that, users can also find and purchase unusual and specialty stamps, usually unavailable at “brick and mortar” post offices.

Users of the services are allowed to purchase and print these out from their own home printer. Of course, to take advantage of this service, it is necessary to have a good quality printer, but these are normally quite inexpensive these days anyway.

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The process couldn’t be simpler. You choose the appropriate amount for your letter or parcel, and then print it out and secure it to the package to be mailed. All that remains is to hand the package to your mail carrier, and you are done. Simple as that!

The simplicity, along with the money savings, is attracting new customers every day. And you can often locate and purchase convenient extras, like shipping labels or professional-quality mailers or envelopes.

Additional package insurance can also be purchased to better protect any valuable items to be posted. And it’s easy to track the progress of your mailed parcel after it leaves your hands.

So the next time you have out-going mail or parcels in need of postage, try using an online service instead of making another trip out. Whether you have a home business, or just want to save time and money, you can buy postage online and save both.

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