Just like Americans, many British subjects love to complain about UK postage rates. However, when one takes a closer look at the services offered, it really does not seem like such a bad deal. Here are a few examples of how people get quite a bit in exchange for what they pay.

The British postal system, despite some of the jokes that the citizenry make about the mail delivery, is actually a very efficient system. Using a postal code system that can narrow down the delivery point of a piece of mail almost to a given community in a town, domestic mail processes very quickly and efficiently. The cost helps to maintain that system of high efficiency, as well as aid in securing newer technology that can make the mail system ever more efficient.

When it comes to international mail, citizens of Great Britain may use their system without a lot of worry. There are a number of levels of service that one can choose for mailing an international letter or package, including delivery notifications. Interlining with the systems in other countries so that information about delivery is available as close to real time as possible is another component.

The maintenance of local offices also is one more factor that proceeds from the cost keep up and running. Perhaps this is most important as a social aspect in many of the country’s rural areas and smaller villages, where the postmaster may be so deeply a part of the community. No one would think of replacing him or her with some sort of automated process that works from afar. This personable aspect of the British postal system is made possible by monies generated.

Training of employees, both at entry level and over the course of their employment, ensures that each person is competent to deal with new technology, understands the importance of their position, and maintains a respectful approach to the public. The cost helps to fund those entry level training sessions, as well as the continuing education process.

When it is all said and done, the British can be very proud of their postal system. With a network that is both efficient and personable, much of the financing required to make this happen comes directly from the current UK postage rate. The next time you go to mail a letter to someone across town, or mail a package to a loved one who lives far away, think about all the people who will be working to make sure your correspondence arrives safely and in good condition. You may find that the current cost does not seem so unreasonable after all.