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For both business and personal reasons these have many different uses. In this article we’ll take a look at some of those uses, and you may be suprised to find that it’s not just envelopes you can stick them on, in fact you are only limited by your imagination.

For Business Use

A simple clearly designed address label has the power to impact greatly on the brand awareness of your company or product. Not costing a great deal, these can be used on envelopes, parcels, letters and all other promotional campaigns as a great value advertising and branding campaign.

For Personal Use

Apart from the obvious uses such as putting on envelopes and parcels there are hundreds of possible uses for them. Here we’ll take a look at some of our favorites..
Although we can’t guarantee your items will be returned, placing one on your personal goods increases the chance that if lost or perhaps even stolen that they may end up back in your hands. Some of the items these could be used on are:

Bags – all kinds of bags, including knapsacks, laptop bags, handbags, gym bags and luggage.

Electronics – camcorders, cameras, cell phones, mp3 players, laptops plus many more which if lost or stolen can cost a lot to replace. There’s no certainty it will be returned of course but being such great value it’s a cheap way to higher the chance that it will.

Kids – we dont mean stick labels on your kids 🙂 but basically anything your kid owns has a good chance of being lost, particulary at school. Bags, folders, sports equipment, musical equipment and clothes and hats being just a few.

Another particular good use for a personlized address label is to stick one in the envelope when your writing to friends and relations, this means they can just stick it on the envelope to reply, saving them writing it out, something which will be appreciated.

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