If you want to make your letters really stand out, or have special meaning, you should look into creating custom postage stamps online. Whether you are sending out wedding invitations, family newsletters, or any mailing you would like to add a special touch to, these creative stamps you can create through the post office are a great way to do it. Through a limited number of vendors, the USPS allows anyone to create them from their own photos.

Those by PhotoStamps.com have a million uses and are only limited by your creativity.

In order to create your own, you will have to log onto one of these websites. They will have an area of the site where you can upload you own photos. Once you decide on the image to put on, the system will create the number of first class that you need for your mailing purposes.

These are not free. There is a premium cost to have these made. A sheet costs about double the price of a regular sheet. While this makes ordering online not something you are going to want to do for your daily mailing needs, you will likely be willing to put out a little extra for something extra special. Some of the list of reasons people use these include:

Wedding Invitation – A picture of the happy couple on the front of the envelope containing a wedding invitation is that final sweet touch to welcome family and friends to the special event.

Birth Announcements – What better way to announce that a new family member has been born than to put the baby’s picture on the front of the birth announcement envelope.

Holiday Mailings – A cute photo of the kids in their holiday finest is a great way to complete the packaging of the annual Christmas card list.

Introduction of New Business – Instead of a regular one, think of your company business logo as the stamp on the front of your new business mailing.

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While there are plenty of things these can be used for, there are also some things they cannot be used for. The companies that create them are required to screen them to assure that no pornographic images or other images that could be disturbing or offensive are used. While many people think they can push these through, they can’t. The companies that have been given permission to print these have also been tasked with making sure the images are acceptable or they can lose their ability to print them.

Another group of photos that are unacceptable are those you don’t have the rights to. The safest way to know your photos are all right is to make sure it is one you have the rights to reproduce. Only photos that you own or have taken are to be put on stamps due to rights restrictions.

While there are some restrictions, and a little extra cost involved, getting custom postage stamps online is a unique way to add that little something extra to our snail mail deliveries.